Leasehold: A Guide For Owner Occupiers & Buy-To-Let Investors

Leasehold Guide - 3rd Edition - web versionIn the 3rd Edition of this e-book Bernie Wales has taken over 30 years of leasehold management and investment experience … to provide you with an easy to understand guide to leasehold. It takes each topic and explains what it means in simple language. It shows you the traps to avoid, the questions to ask, and the things that will make your life better. Whether you are an owner occupier or a buy-to-let investor, this e-book is essential reading.

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Leasehold Home Study Course

Leasehold Training Day CourseFor those who cannot attend the Leasehold Training Day, we’ve recorded it onto five DVDs, boxed them up with the full course materials, and added a specially designed Home Study Workbook.

This home study course will enable you to learn at a time which suits you, in the comfort of your own home, and to re-cap any part of the day’s training whenever you wish.

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Leasehold Training DVDs

Leasehold Training DVDsThese DVDs are for those who don’t want to go through the full Home Study Course – or those who don’t want to attend a live training day. They are the DVDs we produced having filmed a recent training day.

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Leasehold Training Day

Leasehold Training DayThis content crammed full day of training sees Bernie Wales take over 30 years of leasehold management and investment experience … to provide delegates with an easy to understand explanation of leasehold.

Everything from the basics through to the more sophisticated – both from an owner occupier’s viewpoint AND an investor’s viewpoint. Each topic is explained in simple language and there are hands-on exercises to embed the knowledge.

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FREE Downloads

Get your FREE copy of 5 Ways to Fire Your Freeholder (or Property Manager)Many people own leasehold flats, either for their own home or as an investment property to rent out, but I regularly find them saying to me something along the following lines;

“They do little or nothing to maintain the property – and if they do lift a finger, they charge an absolute fortune for a bad job.”
Who are they talking about? …..


Request Your FREE Copy of the 3 Biggest Mistakes DownloadProperty can be a precarious business, no more so, than when buying a flat.

Flats are almost always sold as leasehold, which means that you’re not buying and don’t own the freehold of the property, at all, you simply own the right to live there for a pre-determined period of time and have paid the ‘rent’ for the period, in advance!

This is an important distinction that …..