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Property Showcase is a new television programme brought you from the people at Property Search TV (, who are pioneering a new way of renting, letting, buying and selling property using television and film (see below).  You can see the programme at 6:30pm on Monday evenings on Showcase 2 (Sky channel 192).

Showcase 2Property Showcase is an entertaining and informative, magazine style programme based in, and on, the world of property.  The show is designed to provide viewers with insider knowledge and top tips about renting and letting property, about buying and selling property, about property investment and about relocating.

As with all television shows, they need to be providing their viewers with the right expert knowledge and insight and one of the features of the programme is their ‘Ask the Expert’ slot.

As ‘The leasehold Expert’, it was a privilege for me to be invited to open up my expertise to viewers questions and to take part in their ‘Ask the Expert’ section (and it was a great opportunity for me to mention my catchphrase, ‘Read the Bloody Lease!’ – 09:35 on the video )

Here’s my first appearance on the Property Showcase ‘Ask the Expert’ section in the programme and I’d value your feedback, particularly, as this is my first appearance on TV (please use the comment form at the bottom of the page).

Property Search TV – How it Works

The principle behind Property Search TV is that Estate Agents, Lettings Agents, landlords or private sellers utilise the service to let or sell their property, giving them a major advantage over their competition in the market place.

After instructing Property Search TV, a presenter and film crew will be despatched to film and produce a 6 to 12 minute ‘programme’ that showcases the property to maximise its appeal.

As well as showing the property at its best, the programme will draw attention to any special features and to the benefits of ownership, creating a far more compelling offering than you would ever get through traditional means.

Once the programme’s been edited at their central editing office, the programme is uploaded onto the Property Search TV website, making it available to potential buyers or tenants to view as part of their search for their new home.

I must say that I love the idea and I’m delighted to be a part of, what could prove to be, a new era in the way that quality property is rented, bought and sold.

You can see Property Showcase on Monday evenings at 6:30pm on Sky Showcase 2 – that’s channel 192 – and do let me know what you think of the show, as well.


Property Showcase – Ask the Expert – Property Search TV — 4 Comments

  1. Thanks for the message Steve. Looking good is one thing – sounding good and making sense is another thing. Hopefully I achieved both.

    There are a couple of further appearances (last Monday) which will appear on this website shortly. Look out for them – and for future appearances during January/February 2014 … and beyond.

    And if you have any great questions for the “Ask The Experts” panel – do email them through to Property Search TV.

    Best wishes. Bernie

  2. Hello Bernie,
    I have enjoyed your presentation on tile split in 2 PIN meetings.
    I have a shop in London, at the bottom of the land, there is a dilapetated coach house. I have applied for planning permission to knock it down and build a new 1 bed modern house. I still have mortgage on the shop which has the same title no.
    Can I sell the land where the coach house is situated, exchange and complete and simultaneously pay off my current lender on the same day?
    Or do I have to pay off my current lender first and then slip the title which will necessitate me finding the fund first to pay off my current lender.

    • You should be able to exchange/complete on the land – pay off your mortgage on the same day (if the funds are sufficient) – and complete everything on the same day … if you have a good solicitor.

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