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…   …   Freehold to Leasehold Title Splitting

…   …   Joint Ventures with Bernie Wales and Lynn Fisk

…   …   A risk free return on your spare money



Freehold to Leasehold : Title Splitting

One of the common questions I get from serious investors is “How do I get more value from the Freehold, in addition to selling the individual flats?”

To answer that question Bernie has written a short article. You can get your free copy if you complete the form below and click submit.


Joint Ventures

Bernie Wales and Lynn Fisk often enter into Joint Venture agreements with investors on Freehold To Leasehold Title Splitting project – provided the numbers are right.

If you have a project you’d like us to consider, email details to Bernie @   Provide details of the property, what you intend to do, and the numbers to go with it.  Make sure you put “JV request” in the subject along with the property name/address.

Either Lynn or Bernie will respond as soon as possible.

A Risk Free Return on Your Spare Money

If you’re interested in property investment, have some funds available, but don’t want to do any work yourself – you could loan a sum of money in return for a fixed monthly income … and we do all the hard work and take all the risks.

Typically people loan £10,000 to £100,000 for at least one year, in return for a 6% return, paid monthly throughout the loan period. However, each agreement is bespoke and tailored to the individual circumstances … which we discuss thoroughly before any funds are committed.

If you’re interested, call us on 02380 847 111 to discuss possibilities.