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Are you leaseholder, short of time but want to understand your lease?

Or are you a busy investor who needs to understand leasehold risks?

Or perhaps you’re in a hurry to find the hidden value in leasehold – the £000s which others miss.

My Leasehold Training DVDs will help you – particularly if you’re short on time and don’t want to spend hours reading long workbooks and tutorial emails.

So, if you’re in a hurry to earn extra £000s from leasehold, click here now.

If you answer “Yes” to any of the following questions, you should grab my Leasehold Training DVDs immediately:

  • Have you bought a leasehold flat which looked good – and then found there were hidden costs you didn’t know about?
  • Have you looked through the lease and legal paperwork – but haven’t got a real understanding of what it all means?
  • Have you received bills from the Freeholder – and from the Residents’ Management Company – but don’t know who to pay?
  • Have you been asked to contribute huge sums of money for major works – but don’t seem to have a say in what’s going on?
  • Have you tried to get a mortgage on a flat – but been refused because the lease is too short?
  • Have you got concerns about Health & Safety – but don’t know whether that’s your responsibility or the Managing Agents?
  • Did you think buying a flat would be simple – but now think it’s stunningly complicated?
  • Do you want to split a freehold property into leasehold flats – but don’t know how to create the paperwork … and profit nicely?

If you believe you have no choice but to walk away from leasehold property because it’s a legal and financial minefield …

… I will show you how to get back in the driving seat and become a happy leaseholder with extra £000s in your pocket.


Check Out This Video and Hear What Some of my Trainees Had to Say

These comprehensive Leasehold Training DVDs include over six hours of video learning – recorded at one of my recent live training days. You don’t get the 35 page workbook nor the series of tutotial emails from my Home Study Course, but you can download a bundle of supporting documents, including sample leases and associated documents.

Your investment for this course is just £99 … which you’ll get back easily when you put your learning to practical use.

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Leasehold Home Study DVD CaseHere’s what previous trainees have said:

  • “I’ve gained confidence to extend my property strategy.”
  • “I’m more confident about leasehold law.”
  • “Very pleased! I have learned a lot.”
  • “I have enhanced knowledge – awareness embedded.”
  • “I am confident in looking at flats now.”
  • “I have a general understanding of leases.”
  • “I am more confident and knowledgeable.”