Cabinet Reshuffle Delays Ground Rent Ban … ?

When Sajid Javid announced on 21st December 2017 the government’s intention to ban ground rents on houses and all new flats, I emailed everyone on my database. A month or so later I emailed again to express concern that Sajid … Continue reading

Here’s an Interesting Question About Title Splitting – But it’s Not What you Think

Here’s another great question from my Telephone Consultation Service. This time it’s regarding Title Splitting, although there is a bit of a twist to this one, so, many thanks to Keith for an excellent question; “Hi Bernie.  I wondered if I can … Continue reading

Advice on Buying a Freehold

The best way for unhappy leaseholders to change the world around them, is to buy the freehold. The law provides leaseholders with a “Right To Enfranchise”, which means they can force their freeholder to sell to them. However, many leaseholders … Continue reading