Preliminary Notice Procedure

Preliminary Notice to the landlord

Before any application is made to the LVT for the appointment of a Manager, the leaseholder must serve a Preliminary Notice (under S22 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987) on the Landlord and any other person who is under a duty in respect of management; for example a managing agent. The notice must state:

  • the name and address of the leaseholder making the application (and an address for the service of notices if different);
  • that the leaseholder intends to seek an Order, but may not do so if the requirements set out in part 4 of the Preliminary Notice are complied with;
  • the grounds on which the Order will be sought, and the matters which will be relied upon in establishing those grounds;
  • those matters that are capable of being remedied, and that they should be remedied within a reasonable time limit which is specified in the notice.

If the landlord fails to remedy the matters set out in the Preliminary Notice, or if there are other grounds, then the leaseholder may proceed with the application to the LVT.

A template for the Preliminary Notice is available to download here.